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Sourcing & Placing Top Talent


A Complete Human Resource Solution


Bhargava HR Solution is one of the leading Human Resource Consultants in Delhi known for promptly finding the right executive talent. We work on delivering results time and again with the help of our multi-domain global experience, competent recruitment consultants, and eventful history of 5+ years of managers that finally makes us one of the Best Human Resource service providers.

Bhargava HR Solution boasts of a team of experienced Human resources in Delhi who are well-versed in delivering multilingual and multifaceted hiring services for all kinds of companies. Since its inception in 2017 in India, Bhargava HR Solution has grown from strength to strength, building a stellar reputation as a Top Human Resource service provider in India.


  1. Pharmaceuticals Industries 

  2. Medical Devices and IVD Medical Devices industries

  3. Diagnostics Laboratories

  4. Testing Laboratories

  5. Food and Beverage industries 

  6. Real State 

  7. Call Center

  8. Accounting

  9. Manufacturing

  10. Maintenance Tech

  11. Warehouse & Distribution


Whether you are looking to transform your HR function, redesign your payroll and HR processes, increase local support, or gather in-depth local intelligence, we can help.



Bhargava HR Solution is working for the client on varies projects like complete Human Resource Management that includes Payroll, Recruitment, Individual developemnt program etc.  


Bhargava HR Solution dealing with client regated to the IT, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, IVD, Food Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Testing Laboratories, Food & Beverage Industry and Start-up hiring




“We have worked with the team at Bhargava HR Solution on a number of occasions on a variety of diverse circumstances. They are professional, proactive and friendly and we have been extremely pleased with the support and advice we have received to date. I would recommend Bhargava HR Solution to anyone looking for HR support and I look forward to a long working relationship with them.”

Saurabh Desai

Head HR

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